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The autumn is over and I post the list of fall fics I read and I'd love to rec.

Spuffy long stories and WIPs )
Spuffy one-shots )
Non-Spuffy stories I enjoyed )
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The summer is over and I post the list of summer fics I read and I'd love to rec.

Long Spuffy stories, WIPs )
One-shots )
Non-Spuffy fics, including threesomes )
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Spring was surprisingly generous with BtVS\AtS fanfiction. Interesting stories by new writers, great contributions by well-known authors and a wealth of new great ideas. Not bad for a TV show closed 5 years ago.
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Spuffy drabbles )
Long Spuffy stories, WIPs )
Non-Spuffy fics I enjoyed )
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Here's the list of fics I read and enjoyed this winter. All of them are BtVS. I tried to read fanfiction in other fandoms, but it just doesn't work for me. So here I am with my damn darling vampire show closed 5 years ago...
Spuffy long stories, WIPs )
Spuffy short stories, one-shots: )
Non-Spuffy stories I enjoyed: )
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This is the list of fics I read (and keep reading) in spring and summer 2007. It's kind of annotated catalogue because I quickly forget what I read. The majority of fics are Spuffy.
Part I. Long fics, WIPs )
Part II. Standalones, short fics )
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I decided to collect links to fics I read this fall in a single post. Basically, it's a compendium of recs I posted on CDS and Marstersverse in September, October and November 2006. Just to make sure I won't be cursing myself trying to remember a title or desperately looking for a link of a fic I loved but forgot to mark.
The overwhelming majority of fics I read are Spuffy, but I included some non-Spuffy fics I liked.
It's not a systematical collection. It's what appeared on my friend-list; plus, I followed recommendations by CDS and Marstersverse posters. I suspect I missed a lot of terrific fics. So - guys, if you have more recs, I'll be very grateful.
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