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Spuffy long stories and WIPs
Thought You Should Know by [personal profile] angearia
WIP, 31 chapter so far, R, season 8. Angearia flawlessly combines thrilling action with human drama, creating palpable emotional depth both for and between the characters.

Love and Blackmail by [profile] penny_lane_42
Completed, PG-13. Post-NFA, Dawn, Buffy/Spike, Andrew, the Immortal, OC Slayer. Dawn and Andrew come up with what Andrew calls Mission: True Love - the plan to reunite Buffy and Spike. Penny_lane_42 writes perfect Dawn voice.

The Distance Between Us by [profile] prettypoppy
R, AU post-As You Were. Spike left Sunnydale soon after Riley's visit because he smelled Buffy's pregnancy and decided she's with Riley's child. Nineteen years later Spike meets a young woman who fights vampires in London... Sparkling dialogs, dynamic plot and great character voices.

The Trouble with Harriet by [personal profile] missmurchison
WIP (2 chapters so far), PG, alternate (funnier) season 6. Buffy and Spike are to investigate a disappearance of a corpse from the Sunnydale morgue. Echoing famous thriller "The Trouble with Harry" by Alfred Hitchcock", author weaves a thrilling story, putting our intrepid heroes right in the middle of a complex, twisted intrigue.

When the Ice Has Melted by [personal profile] slaymesoftly
Completed, PG-13, middle of season 5. A sequel to one-shot How Can Something So Cold Make Me So Hot?
in which Buffy found to her surprise that Spike knew just how to cool down her sunburn. As a result, Riley gets too jealous, Buffy is too confused to deny her controversial emotions and some surprising revelations occur. Well-plotted
story offers great development of the vampire mythology and a somewhat ironic exploration of slayer's dilemmas in a post-Twilight cultural landscape. Buffy faces harsh dilemmas, and she copes admirably. Willow's attempts to adjust to the idea of Buffy dating Spike, Xander's taunting and snark, Giles rethinking his attitude towards vampires - they all sound real and convincing. (My only little gripe is Riley portrayal - too harsh to my taste).

Welcome Back to the Hellmouth by Alexannah
WIP, Post-Chosen, PG-13. Buffy is sent back in time into her sixteen-year-old body. Will she make it right this time? The start is brisk, the voices sound true and, although there are many stories with a similar premise, Alexannah has an ambitious goal to rewrite all the seven seasons of BtVS.

Reoffender by [personal profile] ladyanne04
Completed, post-NFA, PG-13. Buffy finds out that Spike is back4 apparently he and Drusilla are new masters of Los-Angeles. Clever and twisted reunion story; the "signal" Spike sends to Buffy that he's still on her side is an inspired idea.

Still Famous by [personal profile] amyxaphania
Completed, PG-13, Post-Damage. Andrew posted a report about his encounter with Spike in L.A. on his videoblog. Spike discovers that his newly-found fame makes women want to have his babies, and he wants to "go nerd-hunting" - to find Andrew and knock some sense into him. Meanwhile, Buffy is determined to go to L.A. to confront Spike over his return from the dead. Funny, fluffy reunion fic.

League of Souls by [personal profile] dawnofme
Completed, alternate season 7, R. Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Faith/Willow & Torch/Andra. The fourth and final part of Vamp!Buffy series that started with Unreal Together, continued with Soul Survivors with an extra story about Torch/Andra called Torchair Air Eideadh. In this part, Andra shows up at Buffy and Spike's doorstep. Wolfram and Hart want Andra to take the place of Angel in the grand scheme of things. Another house guest arrives that causes a rift between Spike and Buffy, but they do their best to help Andra while coping with their own problems.

The Game by [personal profile] amyxaphania
WIP, 5 chapters so far. PG-13. Set between seasons four and five. Romance/Humour/Adventure. Buffy and Spike find themselves in another dimension; local PTB force them to compete against each other in a race of logic, wit and strength. As the finish line draws closer, will they find themselves getting closer, too? Inventive plotting and good character voices.

A Twisted Perspective by [profile] emmalinell
WIP, PG-13, pre-series. LA, 1980. The Fanged Four discover baby!Buffy and Dru sees a future slayer in her. Spike comes up with a plan: to bring up a slayer who will be on their side. A unique premise and, so far, interesting read.

My Last Breath by u2fan2005
WIP, 23 chapters so fer. PG-13, AtS season 5 rewrite, post-Damage. Buffy finds out that Spike is alive, goes to LA and ends up being Illyria's shell, instead of Fred. One of the most heartbreaking "what-ifs" in Spuffy fanfiction.

One Glorious Summer by [personal profile] dawnofme
WIP (16 chapters so far), NC-17 eventually, post-series. Spike shanshued, lost his memories and eventually became John D. Price, famous writer. Could Buffy bring back the Spike she knew? And will he be able to love her?

Certain Dark Things by [personal profile] enigmaticblue
Completed, R, sequel for Unsuffer Me, in which Spike and Buffy meet up in L.A. the summer between S2 and 3. In the follow-up Spike returns to Sunnydale, gets caught by The Initiative and is rescued by Buffy during the demon mutiny, when Scobbies go to The Initiavive headquarters to fight Adam... Beautiful story of reconnection and rebuilding a relationship

Thousand Kisses Deep by [personal profile] pfeifferpack
Completed, R, AU post-Older and Far Away. Halfrek grants Dawn's wish regarding Buffy: “I just wish she’d figure out what she wants and move on from there! She should just get what she says she wants and maybe she’d be happy.” Her wish has unexpected consequences... An ingenious rewrite of the second part of season 6, with new dynamics inserted into the canonical events. Powerful and poignant.

Influence of Demons by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle
WIP (8 chapters so far), NC-17, post-Checkpoint. Five years ago, Buffy and Spike fell into a portal into a dimension ruled by demons. Will they find the way back?

Spuffy one-shots
A Promise To A Lady by [personal profile] kallysten
PG, post-Chosen. A ficlet in pictures. Kallysten made a masterful stylization of season 8 comics (panel compositions, voiceovers, Buffy's flow of conscience) and have chosen screencaps with facial expressions that fit the text perfectly. A must.

(Don't) Call Me Love by [personal profile] kallysten
Completed, PG-13. In a distant future, Spike finds out that Buffy has been reincarnated in one of the young slayers. Unique story with ingenious premise, mesmerizing tension and masterful details.

The Fall of the Year by [personal profile] st_salieri
R, 10 years after Chosen. Buffy and Spike vs everyday life. Sharp, insightful character study; interesting answer to the question how "happily ever after" works in RL.

Under My Skin by [personal profile] rebcake
Finished, PG, post-series.Buffy and Spike get married. Sparks fly... Delightful fluff.

To Be Born Again by [personal profile] angearia
PG, future!fic. Writer's summary: "Buffy has been brought back from the dead twice already, but the third time's the charm." Delightfully schmoopy.
Don't miss the sequel, His Girls

Unveiled by [personal profile] angearia
PG-13, post-No Place Like Home. On the eve of Halloween, Buffy faces another inpending apocalypse - and Spike is the person who can help. That is, if she doesn't piss him off by her insults. Inventive, tight-plotted, well-researched and featuring incredible character voices - Spike, Buffy, Anya sound absolutely true to their canonical selves. This story perfectly captures Spuffy mood at the beginning of season 5.

The Hero of the Piece by [personal profile] rahirah (Barb C)
Completed, R, Future!fic. Takes place in Barbverse, where Buffy and Spike are married, Spike is partly human, but still doesn't have a soul. One day he wakes up and doesn't remember who he is. Will his vampire essence prevail? Riveting intrigue, rich language and insightful musings on the idea of soulless redemption.

In the Living Season by [profile] jen_nsync_landl
Post-The Gift, R. A string of drabbles on Spike's life after Buffy's death. Powerful, sad and uplifting.

Convergence by [personal profile] clawofcat
PG-13, season 7. Spike, tortured by The First, remembers and fantasizes... Flow-of-conscience piece delves into Spike's psyche and crystallizes his very essense - the poet, the sacred beast, the ultimate myth, the embodiment of a male duality - and the man behind these concepts.

Re-Popping the Cherry by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle
One-shot, NC-17, post NFA. Spike asks Buffy what it would have been like if he'd been her first. "Deconstructed porn" as noted in comments, is deliciously naughty and funny. And - so totally Spuffy. A gem.

Costumes by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle
PG, Season 5 on Halloween. Spike tries to convince himself that he trails after Buffy because "it's a predator thing". Fun!

b>Reality by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle
One-shot, NC-17, middle of season 6. Dreams and reality interweave in this little paradoxal piece.

Sexual Secrets of the Vampyre by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle
Post-series, PG-13-ish. "Now, gentle viewers, I would like to take some time to explore the sensual world of vampyres..."

Tie Me Up by [profile] enigmatic_blue
Future!fic, PG. Making Thanksgiving dinner with kids underfoot is never easy.

Memento Mori by [personal profile] rahirah (Barb C)
PG. This story takes place in the Barbverse and takes place a few weeks after POM, and a week or so before "The Devil and William Pratt." Spike and Buffy talk about Druzilla. Bittersweet.

Eat Cute by [personal profile] rahirah Barb C
Future!verse, PG, Spike and Buffy make bento boxes.

By the Book by [personal profile] rahirah (Barb C)
G, Barb!verse. Buffy, Spike and their family celebrate Thanksgiving. Sweet and funny.

Just Ask by [personal profile] rockstarpeach
One-shot, NC-17, post-NFA. Spike decides to surprise Buffy by taking her up on her offer for him to come to England. They don’t really say much. :)

In Peace by [profile] penny_lane_42
One-shot, PG, during Spiral. Buffy, Spike, Dawn. When it comes to Buffy and Spike, even a moment of peace is full of heartbreaking insights. Wonderful insight into Buffy's state of mind.

Staking A Claim by [personal profile] yumimum
Finished, NC-17, post-Something Blue. After Spike saves Buffy from a demon, they realize they can't resist mutual attraction. Writer compresses the several seasons' developments into one piece.

Can I Rest Now by [profile] kitten2you
Standalone, PG-13, post-Gift. At heaven's gate Buffy has an enlightening conversation with Saint Peter. An elegant and subtle insight into Buffy's state of mind.

Refuge by [personal profile] angearia
One-shot, PG, post-Storyteller. Buffy and Spike talk in the basement. Bittersweet, reflective piece

Hearts Distant by [personal profile] abelina (Abby)
One-shot, PG-13, post-Chosen. Buffy finds out that Spike is alive... Touching Spuffy reunion story alternates Buffy's and Spike's POVs.

Positive Exposure by [personal profile] quinara
Completed, R, post-NFA, comics-compatible. People who read BtVS and "Angel" comics, know that right now both show focus on media manipulating public opinion. Quinara explores the "shippy" aspect of celebrity culture in a series of convincing (yet surrealistic) situations, which eerily reflect fandom wanks and wars.

Went Down to the Cemetery, Looking for Love by [personal profile] spuffyduds
One-shot, R, post-NFA. Every Buffy and Spike's patrol ends the same way... Funny, fluffy glimpse at our two favorite blondes.

Slay Me by [profile] all_choseny
One-shot, R, post-series. "Their eyes locked, each of them knew what the other wanted. He wanted her dusted, and she wanted his blood..." (No, it's not what you think).

Letters --A Tale Of Spuffy by Captain America
G, post-Touched. Spike and Buffy's letters often end up in wrong hands...

Once by [profile] garnigal
PG, a glance at seasons 6-7. An inspired piece examines the perfect symmetry of Buffy and Spike's characters, mirroring them in each other.

This Side of Forever by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, post-NFA. Buffy was angry at Spike when he appeared at her threshold, battered and bloodied after the battle. But Giles decided that they should go together for a dangerous mission in another dimension... Great plot in the best traditions of sci-fi genre and spot-on Buffy voice. ("Next time you die, call me after.") Brutti_ma_buoni comes up with a clever idea to use time as Spike and Buffy's ally in a contrast to the end of season 7 where time (or, rather, the lack of it) was their enemy. Sweet, smart and subtle story.

In My Dream, You Weren't Mine by [personal profile] amyxaphania
R, post-NFA. When a demon sends Buffy into a dreamscape that brings to life her worst fears about Spike, her friends and her family, can she fight the nightmare to find reality?
Intriguing story in which the concept of parallel dimensions could be interpreted as a metaphor of fanficland where an intersection of shippers' worlds could be painful.

Night of St. Vigeous by [personal profile] ladyofthelog
PG-13, Spuffycentric remix of 5.02 "Real Me". Ladyofthelog perfectly conveys typically Spuffy mood circa fall, 2000 (whether it's an intentional stylization or her typical style). Funny, sparkling story, very true to the essense of Spuffy.

Prism by [profile] penny_lane_42
PG-13, Season 7, episodes "Bring on the Night" through "Chosen". Buffy and Spike as seen by Potentials and Faith.
Sharp, insightful character study; inventive use of POVs; great voices - Potentials have more interesting personalities in this fic than they have in canon. From Molly, who initially thinks that Spike must be a dog ("Buffy talks about Spike being the only one strong enough to protect everyone and Xander’s jibes about him attacking people combined with Dawn’s sarcastic comment about him needing to be put down made her really think it must have been a dog") to Faith who tries to convince Buffy that she shouldn't run away from her emotions ("I know you think anything that feels good is big-time evil. But that ain’t true."), it's a powerful and gripping story.

The Great Divide by [personal profile] redeem147
PG, post-NFA, comics-compliant. After Buffy's death she starts to appear in Spike's dreams, again and again. Was it a suicide or a murder? Redeem147 subtly conveys yhe ambivalence of the situation (is Buffy really there or it's just a figment of Spike's imagination?) Bittersweet fic, that works very effectively as a ghost story as well as a psychological drama, depending on your approach.

What He Wanted by [personal profile] pennydrdful
PG, early season 5. Spike gets his chip out. What’s a Slayer to do? "Angstastic" experience, as one of the reviewers puts it, the fic explores parallels between Buffy and Spike - joy of combat, disempowerment (Spike's chip, Buffy's Cruciamentum), death wish, hidden deep inside. Intense and powerful.

The Glory and the Dream by [personal profile] green_maia
PG, Future!Verse. This story takes place in Green_Maya's Gifts-verse, where Spike was resurrected as a human after "Chosen" in 2003 and went back to the name William. In 2008 he and Buffy were reunited, by 2015 they have two children. "We have a traditional Victorian marriage,” Buffy liked to quip. “He's the wife.” Green_Maya is uncompromising in her exploration how RL tests and transforms a mythic couple. Reflective, sad, with ambiguous ending. The story is dark, but there are sparkles of love and hope in this darkness.

Feels Like Heaven by [personal profile] spikesdeb
PG, late season 7. Buffy and Spike finally stop pretending they don't notice each other... Lovely and poignant.

Fonder Distance by [personal profile] maryperk73703
PG-13, post-NFA. “I read that absence is to love as wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small and kindles the great.”

Riddled by [profile] thisficklemob
R, completed, post-Intervention. When Glory almost killed Spike, Buffy's attitude started to change. But has Spike changed enough to be accepted? In this story, full of emotion and unexpected plot twists, Buffy, Spike and Giles face interesting moral dilemmas and the writer conveys the complexity of the situation without cop-outs.

Other characters and ships:

Summer Blues by [personal profile] kallysten
WIP, eventually NC-17, Spike/Connor. Fancomics. AU since summer after AtS s3 and BtVS s6. Spike goes to LA, meets Connor and smells his guilt...

The Truth He Likes Best by [personal profile] kallysten
One-shot. Spangel comics. Season 5, post-Destiny. NC-17. Why had Angel lost his fight with Spike? :)

Seraph by [personal profile] snickfic
PG-13, post s4. The Initiative experiments left Spike with a chip in his head and a human foetus in his gut... Unusual

Mirror, Mirror by [personal profile] shapinglight
WIP, 1 chapter so far, R, post-NFA. Spangel.

10 Things Spike Can Do With One Hand by [personal profile] hello_spikey
One-shot, R, post-series fluff!verse. Fun!


Longest. Day. Ever. by [personal profile] shadowscast
Completed, R, post-Him. Xander/Spike. The only way to stop the next doomsday device is to find the right combination on the magic lock. The only way to find it is to send somebody one day back in time after every failed attempt. The only way to check all the combinations is to use somebody who doesn't age - because it takes about 80 years to do it... Wildly inventive premise, tight plotting, a lot of spicy details and absolutely natural and convincing characters' reactions in absolutely impossible situations. Have you ever wondered how Groundhog Day would look from Andie MacDowell's POV? Here's a chance to find out.

Just Desserts by [personal profile] rahirah Barb C
One-shot, PG, humor. Barb!Verse. Xander's POV. I won't spoil the plot - it's less than 500 words, read yourselves, - but it's hysterically funny!

Majority Rule by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Completed, Future!fic, R. Xnader/Spike. Xander and Spike investigate a phenomenon of unusual conformity in a small town. Clever, twisted plot (a bit reminiscent of Hot Fudge), and spot-on character voices.

The Seduction(s) of Xander Harris by [profile] waddis
One-shot, PG, Season 1 through post-Chosen. Xander and Dawn's bonding.

Long List of Grievances by [profile] waddis
Standalone, PG-13, post-Empty Places. Some spicy details about Spike and Andrew's motorcycle journey. Wicked fun.

He's No Jack Sparrow by [profile] waddis
WIP (54 chapters so far), PG-13, post-series. Xander's adventures in Africa. Expertly written actioner.

Seeing with a Father's Love by Teri
PG-13, Post-Chosen with flashbacks. Author's summary: Xander has loved Buffy since he first saw her, but what if it was a different kind of love? ~ Intriguing twist of the canon and the pieces *do* fit well.

Buffy and Faith

I Can Drive 55 by [personal profile] beer_good_foamy
One-shot, post Chosen, PG-13. Buffy and Faith have a conversation in the bus.

For One Night Only by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Standalone, NC-17, Future!fic. Buffy and Faith swap bodies again. Hijinks ensue.

Jacks of Truth by Electra
Completed (written in 2007), R, post-Chosen. Buffy/Faith. Cute, fluffy pregnancy fic.

Buffy and Angel (sometimes - with Spike)

Sweeter by [personal profile] kallysten
WIP, 40 chapters so far, NC-17, alternate season 2. Spike arrived to Sunnydale alone because Dru didn't make it from the mob. Angel took him in, and his relationship with Buffy went differently. Angel's desperation, Buffy's confusion, Spike's pain - everything plends seamlessly into a powerful tale of love and desire.

Five Times Angel Drew Buffy by [personal profile] a2zmom
Completed, throughout the series, NC-17. Buffy/Angel. An uncompromising take of Angel's journey full of pain, guilt and regrets.

Paid in Full by [profile] chrisleeoctaves
One-shot, future!fic. PG. An old debt is repaid. Pure emotions, free from the chains of of everyday life. Interesting, poignant take on B/A.

The Hard Way by [profile] leni_ba
Rewrite of season 3 BtVS with Angelus instead of Angel. A drabble for each episode. Paradoxical plotting and inspired dialogs.

Other characters

Red Night Rising by [personal profile] deird1
AU season 4, Oz. Dark.

Violet Eyes Are Smiling by [personal profile] rebcake
One-shot, PG, during Lovers Walk. Mary-Sue arrives at Sunnydale and has a conversation with Joyce. Spike/Buffy implied.

Some Enchanted Evening by [profile] speakr2customrs
One-shot, PG, during All the Way. For Halloween, the Trio decided to repeat Ethan Rayne's trick with enchanted costumes. The result was quite unexpected... A brilliant and funny re-imagination of BtVS mythology; a smart culturological essay on the BtVS influences and roots; seemingly fluffy "what if" that reflects on notion of a hero and ponders how this is the line that separates heroes from villains. The idea behind Andrew's transformation is particularly inspired :)

Principal with a Post-It by [personal profile] deird1
One-shot, G, during Graduation part 2. BtVS/Dead Like Me crossover. A ficlet that'll make you feel for Principal Snyder.

Curse you, FOX, for tricking me thrice! by [personal profile] angearia
G, Today. Joss finds out about Dollhouse cancellation and summons Buffy to avenge him... Wicked fun!

Wordplay by [profile] jen_nsync_landl (Spuffy)

Class of 1999: Ten-Year Reunion by [profile] jen_nsync_landl (Spuffy)

Gem of Amara Revisited by [personal profile] rayruz (Spike, Buffy)

Nature vs Nurture by [profile] brutti_ma_buoni (Spike, Buffy)

Ten Origins in 100 Words by [profile] kairosimperfect (AtS, gen)

The Man of His Dreams by [profile] jen_nsync_landl (Andrew)

Pattern Recognition by [personal profile] beer_good_foamy (Buffy/Faith, Dawn)

Late Night Diner Talk by [profile] jen_nsync_landl (Spike, Dawn)

Space, the Final Frontier by [profile] jen_nsync_landl
The Trio talks Star Trek...

In The Bookstore by [profile] duh_i_read
G, Post-Chosen, Dawn's POV. A real gem.

Wall by [personal profile] redeem147 (Cordelia, Dennis)

Accidental Buffy's Rocket Launcher ficathon
Toys by [personal profile] deird1

Acts Of Self-Conscious Behaviour Contrary To The 'Not In Front Of The Children' Act by [personal profile] beer_good_foamy

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by [personal profile] angearia

Buffy's Little Secret by [personal profile] stormwreath

rocket launchers and time travel and all that shit by [personal profile] ladyofthelog

Show Me by [personal profile] peroxidepirate

Mission Implants by [personal profile] angearia
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